WebSphere® Gray Cloud Pages

Gray Cloud Pages™ are HTML pages that are generated with Dalil™.

Gray Cloud Pages™ are specifically designed to identify the topological settings of WebSphere administrative configuration data. These pages form the fundamental index for WebSphere configuration objects in a WebSphere cloud data center. Gray Cloud Pages™ rearrange WebSphere objects by topological categories and index these objects by object group names.

Anatomy of WebSphere® Gray Cloud Pages

Gray Cloud Pages™ describe the cloud layout of WebSphere® topological configurations in a neat, cohesive and clear visual way. A Gray Cloud Page is portrayed in four tonalities of gray, with the darkest (Layer 1) showing the topological settings label. Layer 2, the next darkest, shows the cells pertaining to the darkest layers topology. The next layer, Layer 3, shows the nodes pertaining to the cells above. Finally, the lightest layer, Layer 4, shows the servers pertaining to the nodes.

Browse through WebSphere® Gray Cloud Pages

This website contains the Gray Cloud Pages™ for IBM® WebSphere® application server. The pages represents indexes for the configuration data used in Dalil pre-release 1.

You can browse through WebSphere® Gray Cloud Pages™ generated by Dalil for MEREDITH-X:MA-8 or MEREDITH-X:MA-9.

You can also browse the gray cloud tables categorized by common groups for MEREDITH-X:MA-8.

Browsing these gray cloud pages in Arabic or MEREDITH-X:MA-8.

Learn more about WebSphere indexing by visiting the website webspherecontainment.org.

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